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Head Counselors 

Rob and Ellen Pitera have each been teaching for over 15 years and bring expertise in many areas. Their teaching careers began in Falls Church City, VA where they taught a diverse population with a variety of educational needs. Rob has taught many grade levels and in several different school systems throughout his career including two years teaching in Seattle Washington. Ellen has also experienced teaching many grade levels and especially enjoyed her year teaching in Kenya!  Both Rob and Ellen have traveled around the globe and enjoy using these cross cultural experiences to enhance their teaching. After they were married in 2002 Rob and Ellen decided to move back to Ellen’s hometown here in Orange, VA. In fact they are living on the farm where Ellen grew up and find that the experiences that they encounter living on the farm provide an ideal learning environment. While attending Rounton Farm Summer Camps, your child will have the unique opportunity to soak in and be inspired by life on the farm! Oh and yes, that is a rhino in the picture below but don't worry, he doesn't live on the farm.






Kim Szydlowski, more widely known as Ms. Ski, has been the Director of the Orange Presbyterian Weekday School for ten years. She holds a BA in Elementary Education and taught in the public schools for ten years as well as many years as a substitute teacher. She and her husband Mike have called Woodberry Forest their home since 1983 and have two sons. Her passion lies in teaching preschoolers and as anyone can tell you, she loves anything creepy and crawly! She looks forward to introducing young campers to the world of bugs through exploration, arts and crafts and books.  





JR Counselors 



Jr Counselors in Training


The incredible Amanda Dale! Amanda has been involved with Rounton Farm Summer Camps for many years and this year, during the 3 and 4 year old morning camps Amanda will continue with her excellent guidance and care of our youngest campers. Amanda has always liked to play with little kids ever since she was quite small herself. She has a little brother and she plays with him a lot and helped her mom when he was a baby. Amanda thinks little kids are fun and adorable. She likes to help them color and have tea parties. She also likes being outdoors and run and play outdoor games and build things in the sandbox.  


The avid reader and awesome Ethan Schrum likes learning about history. He has enjoyed summer camps at Rounton Farm for the last 2 years. This will be his first year as a Jr Counselor and we are very excited to have him in this role! He likes the outdoors, fishing and birds. Ethas enjoys visiting family all over the country. He has fun playing with his younger brother and sister. 



The talented Carys Myracle is easy to recognize - always an outstretched hand with smiling little 

faces in tow. She has a natural “mother hen” instinct to complement her outgoing personality. 

This professional kitten snuggler also loves horses and has many fond memories of attending Rounton Farm

camps over the past few years. She loves to sing, hike, fish, and learn about new arts and crafts. 

Carys is a former second grade student of Mr. Rob Pitera and is looking forward to her first year 

at Rounton Farm as a Jr. Counselor!