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The History of Rounton Farm

When Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Farrer moved from England to America in 1873, they settled in Orange County, Virginia and purchased Midlands Farm. What is now Rounton Farm was originally created and the main farm house built circa 1905 as the home for Mr. and Mrs. Ferrar’s son Charlie and daughter Maud. At this time the property was still part of Midlands Farm.

Rounton Farm was officially divided from Midlands in 1941 when Maud sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. Wunsch. The Wunsches, who raised the first set of children(Leroy and Diane) in the main house changed the farm name to Singing Hills and added on to the barn in order to run a dairy farm. Mr. Walter Thurston, became the next owner and changed the farm’s name back to Rounton. He raised registered Hereford cattle.

In 1975 Rounton Farm changed hands again when Mr. and Mrs. Ober purchased the property. The name remains Rounton and the tradition of farming continues as the next generation desires to carry on the legacy of the land. Like many farms in Orange County, Rounton Farm once served as host to a Confederate Civil War picket post on the ridge north of the main house and also as a winter camp by the Army of Northern Virginia.

Along with plenty of open fields, Rounton Farm is covered with scenic forest land, two spring fed streams, a pond and many oak and tulip poplars trees that are over one hundred years old. History on Rounton Farm can be found literally right beneath your feet and at your fingertips’ reach.