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What our hunters have to say:

"Hunting at Rounton Farm was a fun experience for my dad and I. There was no greater feeling than getting my first deer with my Pops by my side."Connor Hoy (10 year old first time deer hunter)

"Hunting at Rounton Farm was one of my best hunting experiences. Rob and Ellen’s hospitality and generosity made the entire experience one that I will cherish for years to come. I can't wait until next season!" David Hoy, North Carolina

"I have been hunting all over Virginia for over thirty years and Rounton Farm is one of my favorite places to hunt in the Commonwealth. The abundance of quality trophy bucks within the the carefully managed free range herd is what keeps me returning to Orange, VA year after year." Dutch Siersema, Chicago 


"My son had just turned eight and asked the question every outdoorsman hopes to hear, "Dad, when can I go hunting with you?" I thought about it for a while and decided he was old enough to give it a try. Rounton Farm Hunt Club not only gave me an opportunity to hunt their amazing land but to do so with my oldest son. On our drive to the farm I explained to my son how our first hunt would go. I explained the need to be quiet, to sit still, and to watch and listen. I didn't want to get his hopes too high so I also explained that we might not see anything and how there's no guarantees in hunting. But once we were in the tree, that all changed. I gave him my binoculars and told him to keep his eyes open. He watched plenty of squirrels and a fox right up until the sun started to set. Thats when he saw his first deer and it was nonstop for the rest of the evening. To this day he can still rattle off the stats. He counted 14 does, three nice bucks, and was completely beside himself with excitement. Now, any Dad can tell you, when one of your kids is truly excited you cant help but get just as excited right along with them. It was a beautiful October evening and as luck would have it all the deer we saw were out of bow range. So my son and I spent most of the evening taking in the true, unspoiled beauty of the land we were hunting. As the light was waning I told my son it would be dark soon and we'd have to go in about 15 minutes. Thats when two nice does came from our left within 20 yards of our stand. I'll never forget hearing my son whisper, "Dad get your bow." I stood, drew back, and released the arrow. It was a good shot and the excitement in that stand afterwards was palpable. Later that night my son and I recovered our doe and cleaned it. We spoke of hunting, of the outdoors, of the responsibilities of a man, and of course life and death. Because of Rounton Farm, its wonderful owners, and the family atmosphere they promote, I will have a memory of an evening that will never be forgotten. I hope that I can tell my grandchildren the story of the first time I took their Daddy hunting. I've been hunting at Rounton Farm for a few years now and intend to continue for many more to come. The beauty of the land is indescribable but it's the people there that create the environment. Rob and Ellen, once agin, thank you." Brian Alligood, Virginia